NavBar | Set `display` to `flex` and `justify` to `start` on Nav Menu

Hey guys.
The preconfigured NavBar component from Webflow has a NavMenu element inside of it.
I am having trouble trying to set its display to flex and justify to start.

Sending a very short video that shows exactly what I mean. Any thoughts on why this is happening or how to solve it? Should I forget about it and create my own NavBar to customize this?

Discovered here that this is a missing feature in Webflow. Will go on and create the whole component myself. Any tips?


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There’s a notorious bug with preconfigured elements such as Containers and Flex. Don’t fight, go around it. If you’re going to use Flex in a Navbar, create a width:100% div inside of the Nav Menu element and put all the content there.

Proceed the same when Flex bugs in the same way, anywhere.

And this, anyway, will also help you to style the menu for mobile more efficiently.

Too bad! Thanks anyway, man. That’s what I did at the time.