NavBar Rookie - NavBar Fullwidth

Hello! Rookie question here:
How can I set up the container inside the NavBar Component to be full width?!

Tried all options with no success.

Thank You


So you want the highlighted container (container 8) to be full width of the navbar?

I can have a better answer if I take a look at your project (you can share a Read-Only link).
But if I have to guess, try changing its position to “absolute” instead of static. When set to static, it will take into consideration any other elements next to it as a “roadblock” of some sorts.
Absolute position disregards all other elements inside the bar.

Let me know if that helps

Hi Mr Finn,

Thank you. Here it is. I set it up to absolute but I want menu items on one side and logo on the opposite side. Should I create a column?