Navbar problems on mobile

Hello everyone! I’m new to Webflow and trying to make our landing for a new startup we’re working on. But having SOOOO many issues I want to cry :man_facepalming:.

Currently I cannot modify the colors and design of the navbar on mobile. I can’t find the navbar setting on the current template and the menu should be a “hamburger” style on iPad also but I cannot make it work. Just can’t find any of the settings referred on the university videos.

Here’s my read only site: Webflow - Dolphin test 1

Please pleas help me! Grateful for your support.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Dolphin test 1)
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Hey @Ilai_Szpiezak, it looks like the template you’re using has a custom navbar and isn’t using Webflow’s native navbar element. The hamburger menu settings, etc. will only show up for the native native element.

You can tell the navbar in your template is not using Webflow’s native navbar element because the navbar_component shows a square div icon in the Navigator vs. the house icon that the native navbar element will show.

Thanks for the answer! It’s strange as there is a hamburger navbar on the mobile screen but can’t seem to modify it

It looks like you may be able to set the nav-hide class to display: none and the hamburger-wrapper class to display: block on the tablet breakpoint instead of the mobile portrait breakpoint like they’re currently set. You’d also need to adjust the Trigger settings for the interaction on the hamburger-wrapper to trigger on tablet as well so that the menu open interaction works as expected. There may be more adjustments you’d have to make to get the menu to look the way you’d like on the tablet breakpoint, but those settings should get you started!