Navbar problem - help

Hi - I have a nav bar menu in my website. It only appears in phone mode.
These is an icon that activate the menu, you can open and close the menu by clicking on the icon.

You can close the menu also by clicking on any part of the bar but I don’t want that because it messes up the icon.

How can I disable it? So I can only open and close the menu by clicking on the bloody icon?

Thank you,

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Hi @Giuseppe -

It would be helpful for me, if you provided screenshots or video showing the issue and then the exact behavior you want.

That being said, I noticed you are using the default navbar component. With it comes scripting and functionality to make it work. When you want to “drive” without that stuff potentially getting in the way, the alternate path is to build it custom with elements and IX2. Then all the behavior is yours.

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THIS! I really don’t like using the default navbar component, specially if I want to have a lot of control over interactions and etc. You should really consider creating your own navbar. It might be time demanding, but it will be worth your time!

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Thank you. I will make a custom one then.

It would be useful for Webflow customers/users that are not web designers or programmers to have a place where they can find the best assets to copy and paste into their projects.

This would make Webflow easier and more people will start to use it.

I know there is already a place where you can download some assets but it would be nice if the Webflow team could focus on it more, I believe that is what will bring more customers.