Navbar Problem. Any help?

Hey everyone, I noticed a problem on Webflow, a problem on the navbar. I recently started to remake the Louis Vuitton website to get better on Webflow (which is a tech that I love), and I noticed that I couldn’t make the same Navbar as the officiel website, because of the link button. To make you understand, I put you the link of my project and the link of the real website.

As you can see, when the page is on phone I can’t put the elements at the same place, I mean the only solution that could possibly work would be to create a new navbar for phones screen only, which would be hidden on big screens.

Is there a tutorial that I missed or something that I don’t know about it ? Or is it just not possible to do otherwise?

Thanks !

@Waldo :wink:

Howdy @BryanMourier :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: welcome to the Webflow Forum! I’m so glad that you’re here.

That’s quite a mega navigation to build out, but it is possible to build out in Webflow without creating duplicate elements (those duplicate navigation elements get tricky to scale over time). Making that responsive will be a little trick, but it’s very much something which can be built in Webflow.

Could you please share your Read-Only link for your project for us to take a look as a community and see where we can help?

Overall you’ve done a great job of building it out and I’m super excited for you to finish it up!

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Thank you !

I am going to share you this ASAP :wink:

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Hi @Waldo , hope you’re having a great day !

Here is the Read-Only link of my project, hope you’ll be able to help :pray:t2: