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Navbar points changing to a blue color in the pressed state?

Hallo i am new to webflow, and i have a problem

I have a Navbar with three menü points, every menü point has the same class applied and is linked to a section in the page.

I have changed the typo-color in the pressed state of the menü class to a white color, but its not working, when i scroll to a linked section or when i press on a menü point it is changing to a blue color instead.

What i am doing wrong, and sorry for my bad english?

Hey Christian!

Your preview link is redirecting me to a 404 page? Care to re-generate it and try sending it again?

ok, now it should work

You want to change the color of the current state, not the pressed state.
For this, click on a menu item in the preview to get the current state of a menu item.
Then, go back to the editor und click the link. The current state should be automaitcally targeted and is ready to edit.

@Marius1989 got it right! One thing to note is make sure that when you click on the nav link, make sure that the link you’re clicking on is the section that is currently in view. Or else the “Current” state won’t be applied to the class.

Let me know if I can do anything else! :slight_smile:

thx it is working now

thx, it is working now


Maybe you can help me out again with a problem.
I have section (Sektion1) in my page with 100vw and 100vh and the section is relativ, in this section i have a container which is also set to reative, an in this container i have an image(Image Logo) which is set to absolute, my probleme is i want this image in the center of the section or the container, but when i select the image which is set to absolute an i click on position full, it still is in the left upper corner, but why, shouldnt it be in the center of the container, which is the next relativ object, maybe you can help me out here?