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Navbar outside of viewport

Okay, so I don’t expect anyone to be able to help me since my issue is happening when I EXPORT my project. But I figured I would try.

So I have a site that I exported from webflow and converted into an asp .net web application. I’ve done this before with all of my webflow projects without issue. The problem is that the nav bar on mobile displays the hamburger bun OUTSIDE of the view port, and I cannot figure out why. No matter what css i remove, it doesn’t fix the issue.

But heres the weird part, removing a random css attribute does. Don’t believe me? I have video evidence.

I have a css plugin called pestiticde that adds an additional style sheet when pressed. You can see me use it in the video above. When i turn it on, my issue is magically fixed. When I turn it off, it stays fixed.

The issue also fixes itself if you resize your browser screen. I know. Sounds crazy right? Here it is

Can someone please give me some insight on why this is happening?

Here is the url of the live site

And i’ll also provide the webflow link. Maybe my problem is a setting I set in webflow before exporting.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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