Navbar only working on hero section


I have been trying to find this answer in other feeds but cannot seem to find a similar issue, please link if you know!

My hamburger menu is only opening in the hero section and will not open in any other section past that. In order for it to open at all, I must scroll to the top of the page to open it. Not super functional :wink:

Hoping it is an easy fix.

Thank you for your help!



I changed your section from relative position to auto.
here is an example :

Dont know why that is a problem but it was :stuck_out_tongue:
And i also raised the menu buttons z-index
This might come in handy

And on some other elements that overlap the menu button, elements like some of your containers and columns or tabs.

Hope this helps Goodluck:)

Ah! Thank you so much! Yeah I was toggling back and forth with those positions and was getting nowhere. I think the z-index is something I am still understanding, so that is awesome information.

Thanks again!

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