Navbar not sizing correctly in published page

Hi! I’m having trouble sizing a dropdown nav menu. It seems like it’s taking its width of its parent container, which makes sense of course, but that means it’s cutting off elements within it. When I try to set the width of the box manually, it doesn’t work because (when inspecting the html of the published page) there’s a wrapper that isn’t accessible within the designer.

The issues is with the round ‘MENU’ button.

I don’t know if the read-only link will be useful, but here’s my staging page.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Jacob, so you’ve added quite a bit of padding in side the dropdown wrapper making the text inside cut off you can lower the padding and it should be fine

No, removing the padding did not solve the issue. Please note that the issue only shows in the published version of the site, not the Preview.

EDIT: rather, the issue does not happen on the default breakpoint, only breakpoints larger and smaller.

Anyone have any suggestions? Webflow is attaching styling to a wrapper element that isn’t visible in the designer. I only know it’s there when looking at the dev console on the published page.