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Navbar needs reloading to display correctly; interactions not working properly on other pages

I’d like some help figuring out what I am doing wrong with my navigation.

It’s supposed to have a simple dropdown menu to appear on hover over the buttons “batteries” and “Information Hub”, along with lines over all the buttons, highlighting the hovered item.

The issues that I have:

  1. The dropdown appears immediately after the page is loaded. I need it to appear only on hover of the button.
  2. When I copied the navbar symbol to the “Batteries” page the lines disappear and only when I reload the page the menu starts working.
  3. When I navigate from “Batteries” page back to home page, I need to reload the page again for the navigation to work properly.

I will greatly appreciate any help with this :slight_smile: Link below.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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