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Navbar Menu Button: Change Icon On Open & Other Oddities

I would like to have a different icon on the menu button when it is open. I have tried changing the icon in the open state, but it changes it on all states. Is there a way to switch in a different icon on open only?

Other oddities:
-When it is in the open state, there is a background color. I cannot find where that background color is coming from.

-I tried putting the menu button on “display none” when open but it still displays. (I don’t want to do that anymore, but I’d like to know how for the future!!!)



Here is my public share link:

There might be a way to do this with the default navbar but the only way I’ve seen it done is by making the nav from scratch using interactions. That way you can control basically anything.

Thanks for the reply, Dave.

I was thinking that I could make changes in the open state (like display none, or a different icon on open only) and it would work the same way it would on other items.

I am using the default and it’s not going to be a huge issue with this particular site so I’ll probably just leave it as it is. But if there really is a way to do it with the default and I’m just not figuring it out I’d love to know!


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