Navbar menu automatic scroll

Hello there!
I cannot solve the problem with automatically scrolling down a nav bar.
I have a list of link buttons that are placed vertically in one side nav bar. Each button is a date and it is linked to a page section(containers) that have a vertical structure on the page as well (you scroll down from the one to the next one). So, while scrolling down the page, the viewer can see on what date was each project(meaning the content that nests in every of these containers) realised.
The problem is, that the dates are many, and the navbar height exeeds the screen height( i have set it to max height 100VH and the overflow is set to automatic.)
I would like the nav bar to scroll down automatically when the user reaches the older projects that are more “down” in the page, without having to scroll down the navbar manually in order to reveal the date that is connected to this old post, and is “outside” the vertical limit of the page.

It should be something simple, but I can’t get it done!
Could someone help?
Thank you!

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