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Navbar Logo Won't Link to home page

I have added a link to the home page on the navbar “brand” link, I know it’s active, but instead of the entire image being the clickable link, the link is only accessible via a small invisible area a couple pixels tall, about 30 pixels BELOW the brand link.

Hi @mattfoley,

Could you provide your Webflow share link?:

I would be happy to take a look, also. Maybe two heads are better than one :wink:


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It made me wait 5 full minutes to respond. Is this better?

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@mattfoley Oh awesome! That’s perfect.

I figured it out: it had to do with your menu elements that were placed in a container, and had floats on them.

I’ll do a quick screencapture and show you what I found, and I how fixed.

One sec :wink:

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Okay, @mattfoley,the following is the quick screencapture:

What I did is as follows:

  1. Took the Menu button and the Nav Menu out of the container
  2. Deleted the container
  3. Removed the Float and the Clear values from the Nav Menu (this was causing the Nav Menu element to cover the logo so that you weren’t able to click it)

Definitely hope this helps :blush:

  • Micah
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Wow awesome, I’m not able to test out your advice until later tonight, but thanks in advance, and I’ll definitely send you an update! Thank you!!!

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DUDE- Thank you so much, Micah. I wish you good health and great fortune.

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:smile: Dude, awesome! lol

Definitely glad it worked! No problem at all.

Glad I could help :blush:


Can I hire you to help me with minor web flow issues from time to time?


Matt Foley
Design & Marketing Manager | King’s Seafood Company
3185 J Airway Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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Hey @mattfoley,

Yeah definitely, I would love to work with you. :blush:

Feel free to give me a call today after 5pm CST, or email me anytime at

I look forward to working with you.

mobile 817.366.8742

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