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NavBar links get to 404 or Webflow website pages


Please I’ve been having big issues with the NavBar links in the tablet and mobile sections: when I test the navigation by clicking on the NavBar links, I’ve started getting 404 errors for pages that have always been there, never deleted them…

And even stranger, today I suddenly got a WebFlow site page inside my website prototype!!! I was clicking on my website page “Chi Siamo” in the navBar and instead of landing on that page, a Webflow website page appeared in its place:

I’m really confused…


Oh, I forgot to mention that I even get this message someties:
AccessDeniedAccess Denied7B0347010E825685TwgmdcXUKXPXYztTgIVbKlnwx+ZcwqEnFANiNYAdMaK8FSpCCrPeUkMlaTjB9hhYMV/FnggEgHU=


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