Navbar links does not work when published

Hi everyone,

I have a question reg. my portfolio page that I designed in webflow.

the link to the website is

In webflow I connected three elements of navbar with specific sections on the homepage. So when I want to make sure that navbar elements: projects, about me, let’s talk will always take a visitor to the home page to the respective sections.

In webflow this flow worked correctly so far. But at that time home was not yet set up as the new homepage. But when I published the website it does not work anymore and I do not understand why.

Here is a short video

this is a webflow link when a website was not yet published

when I made Home my “homepage” and published it the navbar does not work and I have no clue what to do.

Could you help me?

I found the solution.
I need to use my full address and respective section ID