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Navbar linking problem


I’m having an issue here that’s causing a bit of frustration. I’m trying to issue in-page linking for my desktop>tablet>mobile versions, but when I link one to a section, they all change. I’ve tried unlinking the separate nav bars and even issuing the links different names, but they keep staying linked. For example, I’m trying to make “WHO WE ARE” on the desktop version to link to “Aboutdsk,” and the “WHO WE ARE” section on the tablet layout to link to “About-tablet.”

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Here is my public share link:
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You will not be able to change anything in the settings tab by giving a sub class which is only effective for the elements in the paintbrush tab.

Rather, create a separate navlink for desktop version and link it to the desktop link.

And create a separate version for mobile/tablet versions and create separate links to them.

To not have double content you can hide the mobile link on desktop and the desktop link on mobile.

This is done here:

Hope this helps. :wink:

Thanks! I’m beginning to learn that this technique is used for A LOT of little things in webflow. At first, I was put off that I had to create separate sections for different device breakpoints, but it seems like it is almost always the best route to take if you want to have a versatile site that isn’t limited to very simple formatting.

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