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Navbar, linkbox and logo issue

Hello all,

First forum post! I’ve been learning Webflow over the last few weeks and am creating a first site, I cannot seem to figure out why I am having an issue with my logo displaying on all pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Basically, I started with a template and tweaked so in place at the moment is a navbar, within this is a linkbox for the logo and within a logo. The logo is linked to the homepage and it’s where I want it to be (for now at least). All the navigation is a symbol and is copied across all pages and templates.

Issue I’m having is the actual logo image only seems to be appearing on the page it is linked to, the image itself doesn’t appear on all pages. The nav menu does, that works great, it’s just the logo that isn’t being replicated across.

Here is my public share link:

Here is the live published url -


Hi @andyp2

I’ve had a couple of navbar ‘moments’ myself in the past, and one simple thing to check is the styling of the ‘current’ and non-current logo links/blocks.

On yours, the home page has a class with a green ‘current’ class next to it, it is set to absolute/full with some padding, however go to your category or any other page, and yours has absolute/left with no padding. Change it to ‘full’ and hey presto it’s back again…

It’s an easy thing to do in your first few sites - styling only the ‘current’ without realising! Stick around - we’re a friendly bunch!

Hope that helps



Aha! I was playing with it and saw the current tag but being a bit of a noob I wasn’t sure of the link between it and the class without current next to it.

That worked a treat and I am very grateful you took the time to have a look

Thanking you - I will crack on!

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