Navbar link is cut off. HELP ! How do I fix this?

My Navbar Link that says “Contact” is cut on the iPad Pro. Any one know how to fix this ? Here’s my link.

Hi @mkh_develops

Here a quick video on how to fix this:

  1. Replace the nav container by a new div and put everything inside it.
  2. Delete the old container.
  3. Give the new div a width and height and make it center (you’ll need to play with this width if it still doesn’t fit on ipad).
  4. Select the nav menu and make his position auto.
  5. Select the new div block and make it display flex.
  6. You’ll need to set back the width to 100% on tablet and mobile.
  7. you’ll need to review the design/position of your tablet/mobile dropdown menu.

Hope that helps!

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Hey thanks man!!! This worked perfect!!!

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Thanks so much for this. I was completely baffled by what I was seeing, and this helped me fix the problem I was having!