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Navbar jumps / concertinas on iPad


I’ve been putting together

I notice the Navigation at the top concertinas when any nav option is touched on an iPad, but nothing else. (try the link above). It’s fine on a PC. I have an iPad1 and iPad Air 2 - both do the same thing. If I remove the ease transition the problem goes away - see I thought it might have been me so re-added the navbar a few times and re-classed, but always have the same problem. No biggie as I’ve just dropped the ease transition, though would look nicer with it. any ideas?


Hi @pnewest, in order for me to check that, how the oxfordjumps page was setup, I would need to see the page in the Webflow designer. If you could please send me a read-only link to your site, I am happy to take a look.

More information about read-only links:

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave

Here’s the link:

The example published site can be found at

This only seems to happen on iPads.


@pnewest, thanks I will check this out :slight_smile: get back to you soon. All others, feel free to comment :slight_smile: