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Navbar items overlapping with logo

What’s going on here guys?
At a point when the width of the browser is not “1000px” it turns into the menu button and everything is fine.
However, as long as there is 1000px left it fills it up and …messes up.


Hi, it looks like in the design, you have elements which require greater than 1000px to look correctly in the published site?

The breakpoint for Tablet view is 991 px and below. Your might consider changing your design to not use fixed widths and only use percentage widths for the elements

Using the div structuring method and principles, also goes a long way to help you make great sites quickly.

If you have a read-only link to your site you can share, I am also happy to take a look. More about read only links:

I hope that helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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I managed to fix this using % width instead of px, thank you

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