Navbar items not stacking vertically

I’m just looking to vertically stack my navbar items when opened in hamburger menu, but even when I set the flex to vertical, it remains horizontal. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - John's Portfolio

Giving your nav-menu-items 100% width or changing it to display: block will fix this issue.

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wow, what a simple fix, thanks for the solution!

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Another question, it seems like the parent div Nav Menu 3 isn’t affecting how it’s organized, and so if I try to adjust the gap, nothing happens.

I know I can just add some padding to the nav-menu-items and call it good, but is there a way to do it by the parent div?

I’m not sure about the exact reason why Nav Menu 3 would not affect the nav-menu-items, I am guessing it is the inline property of the nav-menu-items.

If changing the nav-menu-items to display Block and it is still not affected by the parent div, then I suggest not touching the Nav Menu 3 and instead adding an empty div wrapper (maybe name it nav-link-wrapper or something) to wrap the links and make changes to that wrapper instead.

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