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Navbar invisible in slightly older browsers e.g. Safari 10.0


First of all I’d just like to say I’ve enjoyed using Webflow tremendously over the past month or so - it’s such a great platform and I’ve learnt a lot using it.

There’s just one issue I seem to be having at the moment (that I’m sure is my own doing) – I have a shrinking navbar on the ‘Selected Work’ page, and it works perfectly on the latest versions of Chrome / Safari / Firefox etc., but for some reason it disappears completely in some older versions. I just discovered this on a friend’s laptop, and then I confirmed it on another old device I have. It’s still there on my homepage, however.

I don’t suppose anyone’s encountered a similar issue before, and knows a simple fix?

read-only link to my site:


Great question @russellprowse!

Adding a min-height style to your navbar should do the trick, those older browsers may also have some trouble rendering Flexbox styles which you have on your site:

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Thanks so much Waldo! I’ll test it out but hopefully that’ll do the trick

And I figured as much after reading further about flexbox, but in the end I still decided to go ahead and use it as it’s so easy to use.

Thanks so much again!

In case anyone else runs into this issue: @Waldo’s comment re. flexbox rendering in older browsers seemed to be the culprit in this case (as setting a min. height on its own didn’t fix) – taking the navbar outside of a flex container I had on the page managed to fix it!

Thanks again @Waldo


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