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Navbar full page dropdown issues from template

Hi there!

I purchased the Marco template and am trying to use the same navbar that is currently on the homepage on the other pages as well (with some slight changes to background color and I added an animation to make it hide on scroll down and appear on scroll up).

It seems to be working perfectly on the home page, but on the Projects page that i’m trying to fix, when I click the hamburger menu button the menu does not open up all the way. It just stops at the bottom of the navbar.

Here is a read only link:

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Did you ever get this resolved? First make the Overflow: Auto to get rid of the scroll bars. Or make it hidden if you want the menu to be fixed when opened.

Nope, not yet. Thanks for the reply!

What element exactly am I setting to Overflow: Auto?

On the “Full Screen Menu” layer. But it looks like you did this already.

I have the same issue . I have different menu on project pages and home pages
How can I solve this ?