Navbar dropdowns not working

My navbar dropdowns are not working. These are native webflow dropdowns made using the dropdown elements and styling.
It is working in the view mode on webflow but not on the live website.
Please help me on this urgently since the navbar is a major component of the website.

Read only link: Webflow - iMocha

Website preview:

Can anyone help with this please
@magicmark ?

Looks like you’ve got something misconfigured in Finsweet’s Load More attributes, which is causing a script error. That script error is likely interfering with Webflow’s script needed to make your dropdowns work.


Hi @memetican
thank you for the response
i dont think thats the issue though.
I created a copy of my site and made a different navbar
it’s working fine there
but when i use the same navbar on my original project, it’s not working

Hmm, here’s what I’m seeing-

Thanks for the deep dive @memetican
yes, we were actually working on a redesign on our project copy which we were supposed to migrate to the main site
it was during this migration that the dropdown issue occurred.
For now, i seem to have fixed it by adding a webflow interaction.
but i think this is an issue for all dropdowns across our site :frowning: