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Navbar Doesn't work on live site

So the navbar opens correct in the editor when you go to the settings tab and click open menu:
But on the published page it doesn’t when you click on the hamburger icon:

Not sure if this is because of the way the menu opening is triggered on the live page or what?

Hi, I’ve tried your website’s navbar, and it opens just fine both in the editor and in the live version. However, it looks like it was squeezed into a small box on the right side of the page. Is it supposed to be that way, or is it my browser?

Hmm yeah that’s really odd that it works fine in the Designer but not in Preview and not in the live site. Not sure what’s going on there.

@danro you have an ideas what may be going on here?

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It shows up like this in the designer @collut -

at least for us :slight_smile: so maybe your browser?

@thesergie Yea pretty odd eh? Perhaps a bug but not sure.

Hey @jaidenraleach… looks like you’ve hit some of the limitations of our Navbar widget. Currently, it works best for the 3 settings found in the “Menu type” settings: [ Drop Down, Over Right, Over Left ]

You might have better luck using our Dropdown widget, combined with IX triggers for creating a custom open/close state for you menu.

Sorry for the Navbar pain, hope the Dropdown works better for you!

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Hey @Danro thanks for the update & work around! The template guidelines say to use only the navbar widget for the main nav as I recall - is it acceptable in this case not to then or? (@thesergie)