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Navbar doesn't stay sticky

Hello everyone
I need urgent help with the navbar of my website.

I cloned the amazing work that Flowbase did for the navbar: (Thanks guys!)

but I need the menu to stay sticky on the top of the page and is not currently working for me, even though I add the Sticky position for all the layers (just in case)!:frowning:

Does anyone know why this is happening, or what should I change to make it sticky?

Many thanks in advanced!


Share your projects read only link

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

Here’s my only link:


Make “megamenu” fixed and inside one sticky

it’s a symbol, and when I make it fixed it goes to the left side…
What do you mean with “inside one sticky”?


Make ‘megamenu’ fixed with position as top

Make ‘Navigation 2’ sticky