Navbar Div block covers site and content underneath is un-clickable

Hi Webflow community, any help is much appreciated!

I’ve created a drop down menu with a long list of links for a client, and the div block that the menu is in seems to cover the page, so that links or text on the page is un-clickable, does anyone know how I might fix this…?

I’m a designer, new to Webflow. I’m building my first site for a client right now. Might be a quick fix, but I could not find anything on this while searching.

Here is my project (read only link)

Bonus question :slight_smile: does anyone know how to make the drop down in it self scrollable?

Try changing “nav menu 2” from 80vh height to Auto.

I’m not sure I follow the bonus question.

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Thanks @Port_of_Folio, but it seems to work as a very limited mask even with ‘Auto’… Any other ideas, or could this be because some other dependancy that you can think of…? Thanks for taking the time to have a look, much appreciated!

Link to project

Sorry, you also need to reset the overflow setting

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@Port_of_Folio OMG, Thank you so much! Works like a charm. Much, much appreciated!