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Navbar display issue on small screens

Hi there,
I need help with a site I’m building, on small screen, when clicking on toggle menu, the menu drop down is not displayed vertically but horizontally.
How to fix this?
Many thanks

Hi @maunoxyd, if you go to your site, then go to Tablet Portrait view, select your menu, go to settings (the gear icon) then click on open menu. Select your menu item class and set that to display block. You might also set a background color of your menu to a solid color, so your menu has a background when opened. See my screenshot, I hope this helps.

Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave, thanks for your help.
The menu’s dusplaying now correctly, but when I open it, the menu toggle button is pushed to the left, where in your screenshot it wasn’t. How did you do that?

Hi @maunoxyd, I am unable to reproduce that… what size is your monitor? See my screenshot:

Ah, it behaves correctly in preview mode. It’s fine now, thanks for your help.

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