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Navbar disappearing on tablet view

Hi Guys,

I have been having trouble with my Navbar disappearing in the tablet view. It seems to work fine in desktop and mobile viewing, but when viewed through tablet it falls behind everything. I have tried maxing out the z index but I cannot seem to bring it forward. Any help would be much appreciated.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of Localis

Hey, @Robbie1 welcome to the community, The hamburger menu is present it’s just you’ll need to give a background color for your Menu Button 2 which you have done only on a mobile breakpoint.
The solution would be to remove the background color from your mobile portrait breakpoint and give it to the tablet breakpoint so that it cascades down to the mobile portrait.

Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

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Awesome thanks so much Sachin!

:cool: feel free to check any response as a solution to mark this request as solved :peace_symbol:

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