Navbar 'Current' class for Page Section

Hi guys, does anybody know if there is a way to have the ‘Current’ class, you see in the new Navbar widget, to be focused on when on a page section?


  1. give one of your nav items a nested class called “CURRENTPAGE”
  2. Style that business
  3. finish up creating that page
  4. duplicate that page
  5. remove the nested class “CURRENTPAGE” from the nav item
  6. apply the class “CURRENTPAGE” to the correct nav item
  7. Listen to Daft Punk in the car

The “Current” class is added if you have multiple pages and the navigation link is pointing to the Current page.

If you want your link that points to a Section of the page instead of another page to have “Current” - that isn’t supported yet. But we plan on adding it!

EDIT: Now supported in Webflow.


Hi guys, we just added support for Navbar “current” class based on which section is scrolled into view.


Hi, I was wondering how to alter which section the “current” has been associated with. I’ve mistakenly ended up allocating the “current” menu item to the wrong section. Initially it was correct but something I have done has messed it up and I cant revert it back? Thanks very much!