Navbar color changes when scrolling

Hello!! Hope someone can help me. I’ve been trying for days (i’m new with webflow) that my navbar color turn to white when I start scrolling. I’ve try everything I read on the forum and youtube and it doesnt work… I don’t know if I cannot do it because of if it’s an open symbol or whatever…
If you need, check my read-only link (it’s a template): Webflow - Triana Martínez

Thank you so so so much!! :slight_smile:

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Hello Triana!

You have to give your navbar a background color. It is currently transparent. So it changes color depending on what content is below it.

First select the navbar element

Then look at the settings under the background tab:

Change it to whatever color you like. I picked white.

Then it looks like this

Hope that helps.

Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have any further questions. I would also recommend going through the Webflow university. They have very good tutorials on stuff like this.


Thanks Felix! I think I didnt explain myself so good. What i’m trying to say is I want the nav bar transparent in the homepage but, when I start scrolling to the “know me better” section, I would like the nav bar turns to white.

Thnaaanks!! :smiley: