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NavBar Color Change on Menu Open

Is there a way to change the color of the Navbar using the menu open state? Or does this need done using jquery?

Hi @jdesign, you can change the color of the Navmenu in the open state. If you want to do it dynamically at runtime, you need to use some jquery with the .css method on the class you are trying to update.

Webflow has built ability to style the menu on the Open state, click on the menu, then click on settings and then click on the Open Menu button to access the open state :smile:

Is this your question ? cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

@cyberdave Thanks for the response. I’m familiar with the Open State and changing the Navmenu but I’m actually talking about the Navbar background that holds the nav container and menu items. I have a fixed Navbar and when I click the Menu Button would like for the Navbar to change colors.

Hi @jdesign, ok thanks for the clarification, then yes, in that case, some custom jQuery is needed on the menu click event to change the bg color of the navbar. The interactions at the moment will not be able to change the bg color yet.

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