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Navbar Collapse Menu

When i see my design in desktop or tablet view its fine but when mobile view it does not show me (navbar-toggle / collapse menu) for mobile view … what to do and how to set it … please advice.

Hi Umar, if you go to Site Settings, and then enable your public link, you can paste the read only link to your site, so that others may view and help you to resolve your issue:

If you can enable the public link, and then copy and paste that link here to this forum, then the nice members here can help you. From your description, I think there is not enough information to comment precisely what might be the issue.

Cheers !

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply, i can share link but its kind of private … is there anyway i can only share with you? so you can look it in … once again thanks for your concern.

Hi, you can send private message when you click on another users profile link… I sent you a PM about this…