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Navbar closing on certain pages, but not others?

Wondering if anyone can help me see what I am missing here… feel like I’ve gone mental!

On one page, titled Les Mills Invincible, I am getting the effect I want with the Navbar when the burger is clicked, it opens, page in background blurs an desaturates, and on 2nd click, it closes, and the reverse happens.

On all other pages, this has stopped working, and I can’t see why. The only difference between the pages are how long the horizontal tracks are, of which I have 3 different lengths. Track 2 (x2 screen widths) is used on the Les Mills Invincible page, while all other pages use a Track 3 or Track 4 selector.

What is odd, is they were all working before I created Track 2 selector, but I can’t see what would’ve broken the interaction trigger as all I did was duplicate the process when creating the first 2 track options.

Really eager to get some solution here, as I need to push go on this soon.

Thank you in advance!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Angelo's Portfolio