Navbar Button gets smaller when inside respective page


I’m having a problem with my navbar button and can’t find where the origin of this issue is.

So, the issue is that my navbar appears in almost every page of my site through a common component and when I am in one of the buttons respective page it gets smaller as if it’s trying to show that you are in that page, but I don’t want that to happen and I have already checked every state and every option that shows when one of the buttons is pressed and there’s not a single place that has that interaction set.

Print navbutton 1
Print navbutton 2

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Where’s your read-only link?

Sorry, I’m new to webflow and must have taken it out by mistake.

Here’s the link: Webflow - Caio's Portfolio

I find it weird that in the read-only link the text buttons don’t seem to change but it happens with the logo in the center of the navbar. And it doesn’t happen in the preview on the designer tab but it happens on the published site.

All good. It’s the ‘current’ state for your navigation links. On the 1440 and above breakpoint, the font size is set to 14px, making the current page’s link smaller than the rest. This causes the nav to shift around depending on which page you’re on.

It’s actually also added on your 1280px and up breakpoint as well (the one to the left of the default breakpoint with the star).

Thank you very much!!! That fixed it.
I just coudn’t’ find where the problem was, it helped a lot.