Navbar as a Symbol, but want to have a 'current page' state for each link

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

I have a navbar that appears throughout the site. This navbar is series of divs and links, and I turned the whole thing into a symbol so when I change a link URL, or add a new menu item to the navbar, it is reflected across all pages of the site.

The issue I’m running into is creating a ‘Current Page’ style for each menu item, to indicate which page you are currently on.

If I have a class called ‘Current Page’ which makes the menu item bold (for example), and I double-tap into the symbol, edit it, and apply that class to a particular menu item, it applies it to that menu item across all pages (because it’s a symbol).

I thought applying a new style (‘Current Page’) to the ‘Focus’ state of each menu item would accomplish this, but it doesn’t :confused:

Edit: ah, I can just edit the ‘Current’ state. Duh.