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Navbar Animation same as Webflow Homepage

Hey guys, can anyone help me with hide and show menu as webflow has it on their website?

As you can see when they scroll to certain position it triggers the animation to show the menu. Is it done by “While page is scrolling” or?

I am trying to get there but my version works like the scroll controls the animation. Thats mean if you scroll very slow you can see menu in half. In their case it actually just triggers the animation.

Anybody please?

I wont send read-only link cause Im playing with it which means it would be outdated.

Thanks a lot!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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No, while page is scrolling gives you an animation based on scroll exactly, so, progressive. here, it’s more like a trigger gives the order to start the unfolding/folding animation.

So this could be trigged by an element trigger, visible or invisible, with “Scroll into view” trigger. But then bugs could happen when the page is loaded at an anchor.

So probably it’s the page trigger “Page scrolled”.


Edit, no, actually probably this one after all:


Affected to an element of the top of the page, with finely tuned threshold.