Navbar and word wrapping

Hi there,

my question is about Navbar. When it becomes too little space inside navbar for both Brand and NavMenu elements, NavMenu goes to the second line:

But I want to hold Brand and NavMenu inside one line and to wrap to the new line words inside Brand instead:

How this could be implemented?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Coach Shevchenko v.1

Hey Alex, simple fix here I hope. There’s just not quite enough room for everything here. You can either reduce the margin slightly on your Nav Menu 4 element, or reduce the padding on Container 1200 to solve this. Just a few pixels shaved off should take care of it for you.

Yepp, thank you! I understand that this could be solved by increasing space just to not have such situation. But is it possible to make word wrap inside brand when space is not enough or not? Brand width is not fixed, its children width is not fixed, and I don’t understand why don’t it wrap when space is not enough. Fixing width of Nav Menu 4 does not help. Maybe I should use a Div instead of Brand?