Navbar and dynamic text issues

Hey guys!

I use Webflow for create my own website, so I don’t know to much about it except the basics. Anyway I have a website that I wanted to update and make it more visual.
I bought a template as I don’t want to spend to much time exploring. I am happy about the contect I have already (still have to update the texts, but for the visual part I am happy).
The issue comes when I make the web in phone mode, so the Navbar have to unfold.

-For some reason in the 3 of my pages (Work, Sandbox, About) the menu scroll down in the middle of the website, and also create a lot of space under the end of the website. In all the rest of pages works just fine. I guess they have some kind of relationship. But my knowledge is quite minimum so I can’t find the way to fix it.

-My second issue com when I am trying to make my text dynamic. That scales up and down depends of the size, in my preview website I could do it with em but here it seems is not working and I don’t understand why.

For the rest I am very happy how it works and looks.

Thank you so much guys:)

Here the link : Webflow - BLINDBOX2