Navbar adjustments not responding cross pages

Hey webflowers,

I am making changes for different device sizes in a navbar, which is an element across all the pages.

The weird thing is though, that it’s not making my changes for the different devices across the pages, even though it says “1 on this page 7 on other pages”. So what am I doing wrong?

The home page navbar, which should be the same as the rest, is now styled correctly for all devices.

Pluieze (please :)) help.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hint: Something to do with current nav item.

Ha @samliew. that far I got!

But thats where I am stuck. Give me another crumb. Is it because I made rules on a current nav item, and I should have, except for the hover and clicked treatment of that item?

Second hint: You styled the brand link + current (home page). On other pages, brand link is no longer “current”.

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@samliew Ok, that was a fun riddle! #solved #empowerment #thanks