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Hoping I can find someone who knows a definitive answer.

I’m have a design and want to include a phone number in the NavMenu. That will mean I have an external link in the nav tag. I’ve seen post saying that links to external sites like Facebook shouldn’t be wrapped in the nav tag. But opinions seem to differ. Is there a best practice?

Especially on the mobile menu I want to include the phone number in the dropdown nav. I could just give the nav a div tag but wondered if there is a way to build this where a text box could hold the phone number in the drop down but not be in the nav tag.

I don’t see any issue with including external links in your nav menu. I’ve done it on several sites using a phone number link and have had no issues.

Your primary menu is going to be indexed heavily by search engines, that’s probably why some don’t recommend putting and external links straight in it.

But anyway, cheat your way out of this issue. Following the nav element, create a div with your phone link in it, and position it absolutely or relatively, above the nav, where you want it to be. It will appear in the navbar, visually, but semantically will be outside.

@vincent Your exactly right about the indexing or at least from the information I can find. Although, I’ve included a phone number in the navigation of previous sites and it didn’t seem to damage SEO at all. And yes adding it above/below the navigation is an option.

What I’m trying to achieve is the below. But not have the phone number inside the nav tag. But still have it in the drop down menu. I was thinking another div in the structure but haven’t been able to achieve.



At this point it’s maybe overcomplicating things. I’d put my phone link in the nav. I’m not convinced it can do any damage to your SEO.

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@vincent I’m willing to give it a go if you had a structure solution in mind…what I tried didn’t work…

Also, I agree I’m not convinced that a phone number in the Nav tag will hurt navigation. Surely the Google or other search engine algorithms are smart enough to look over that and understand it’s for user experience. I see lots of sites with links to social media in the nav tag so…

I’m just going to leave it there.

No not really, especially if there’s a dropdown involved.

@vincent and @jordanshotwell Thanks for weighing in on this.

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