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Nav Scroll on iPad / Alternative?

Hi Tatyana,

show at this actual status of our site:

Than take a look at your desktop and on your ipad in landscape format. At the desktop view i have a „scroll nav“ integrated and for the mobile view i used a simple dropdown. the problem is now, that the desktop view and the ipad landscape view are both the same. when i open this site on my ipad, and i think lot of people do this meanwhile, than i can’t see no navigation, because webflow don’t support the scroll nav from my desktop on the ipad landscape. thats a big problem. But its possible to solve this. ( )

I bought webflow, because we have a big time problem. we must go online with our new site at the end of january. our developer haven’t enough time and started this new site last year. in the last view weeks i integrated the first content in this cms system, but there are fixed templates and no flexibility to design the site with this existing cms templates.

Webflow is great and you have done a big work. I hope you understand my problem. :slight_smile:


Posting a public link will help people look at your WF project and better understand your issue. Can you post a public link?


we are founding a new agency. thats the reason we need support from the web flow team.

You need to email Tatyana directly at


thats a little bit confused. I wrote her, but than there was coming an email to put my questions into the forum.