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Nav Not Linking to Sections

Hey Guys,

I can’t seem to figure out why my nav links won’t link to the section on the page. Is anyone able to help with this?

Below is my read-only link.

Hi Georgie. Beautiful site. In your nav link settings you need to set which section each link anchors to, then it will work.


Hi Mark,

All of the links are linked to the various sections. But none of them work?

This one works fine for me now they are linked. What happens for you when you click on the nav links?

It doesn’t work on the published site though?

I’ve heard including digits, caps or hyphens in section names can sometimes cause issues. Maybe try removing the hyphens and see if that helps. I doubt that’s it but worth a try. It could be something to do with smooth scroll.

Edit: Looks like it’s working now when you disable smooth scroll?

Still doesn’t work when its published?

Works for me on published site now.

Might need to clear your cache? Personally I prefer it without the smooth scroll anyway.

Btw I’m in NZ too, nice to see another kiwi using WF :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Mark!!

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