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NAV moves left on hover

Hey Webflow gurus,

I have a hover interaction set so that the letter spacing increases on hover, it works exactly how I want except in the nav it pushes all other links to the left.

How can I make the interaction without resizing? Negative padding on hover? Or is it a child/position issue?

Here is my public share link:

I understand your problem but… the hover pushing things a bit doesn’t look half-bad so you may even try leaving it as is! :smiley: It has that interesting organic and fluid feel to it.

If you still want to change this you can put your nav links into the fixed width divs, set the links to be absolutely positioned and set the wrappers to flex with justified content so that your links are always in the center. You will also need to set your Nav Menu to horizontal flex so that this structure positions properly.

Thanks for the input! You’re making me think twice about changing it now… but again thanks for letting me know how to fix it if I need to! :grin: