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Nav Menu Slider in Hide

Hi folks

Just need a little help. Purchased this Webflow theme to try and better understand the configs in creating this slider navigation:

Any clues, much appreciated!


Hi Digger. If you purchased this theme you can see how it’s made… but if you have specific questions, please clarify your exact question, so I can try to help.

Thanks Rowan

I’ve adopted the configs, working OK, but not sure how to adjust menu width so it’s full page, with text centred?


Hi Dan.
You need to find the “Nav Menu” block. By default it’s named “Nav Menu” (it’s where the links are located in). You should give it a class , for example “nav menu container”. Then give it a width of 100%. Give it text alignment Center. And add all other styling such as background color.

It’s also important to give the main Body a height of 100%, to get the same result as template Hide.

This is the element you need.