Nav menu positioning covers menu; shows in editor but not in preview mode

I tried to move the positioning of the navmenu because it was covering it up the icon, and although it looks like the dropdown works when i’m editing; when i’m in preview, it still covers it up.

both nav menu and nav bar is positioned relative

this is my site read-only:

Hey @Tiffany! Can you try to make the nav bar position “Auto” with a margin-top of 80px?

hi donald, when i set it to ‘auto’, it automaticallly drops down to the container 2 (my homepage is set differently than tablet & mobile view)

Here is what I get if I make it auto:

Or is it supposed to be like this?

hi donald, i think i’m doing something wrong here, here’s a gif of me positioning my navbar to auto

Here you go:

And the element who need the auto positioning is the “nav menu”, not the “navbar”

thank you! that helped!

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