Nav Menu Opens In Middle of Page

Hello there!

I am using the portfolio template and the navbar dropdown doesn’t open correctly on the tablet and below breakpoints. When I select the menu icon, the menu opens about halfway down the page. Here is the read only link for anyone who can help.

I was hoping this template would work “out of the box”, but I can’t seem to get the menu to open in the correct spot (just below the menu icon). I’ve messed with the position settings to no success.

If anyone can help, I would be forever grateful!


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Hey Casey,

I tried to fix it but the damn navigation items stays fixed at the halfway point of the page (no matter what I did)

I checked there’s no interaction on the menu button, but they still animate. So the only thing I can think of is there must be a code snippet that is causing this issue.

Check for the code in project settings > custom code

Let me know how it goes

Thank you for the quick response! However, there is no code in custom code. Now, at one point early in my design I DID have some custom code, but have removed it and published the site. Currently, there is no custom code that I can see.

Set on the class Navigation Items the position to absolute. Then it should work.

That works! But the logo will overlap the nav items. You would have to adjust by bringing the nav items below the logo

Alternatively, you can also add a left margin to the navigation items to put the logo and items on the same line

And bring the menu button outside of the Navigation Items and put them like so

Should work