Nav menu open on hover


I use a dropdown for my menu.

When i setup “Open on hover” i have to put a close delay.

But i just want that the dropdown dissapear when the mouse leave it, but i can’t find where is it.

Thanks for you’re help :slight_smile:

Hello Thomas @Thomas_Chabran, you can set a close delay of 0, if that’s what you’re asking.

If not, please elaborate and share your read-only link. Thank you!

Hey Julian !

That’s why i’ve done, i’ve put close delay to 0, but the dropdown is not staying when i’m putting my mouse on it.

There is my read-only link : Webflow - Likebble

Thanks for you’re response :slight_smile:


I found the answer ! It was because my div was too lower, thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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@Thomas_Chabran It’s good to hear you found the solution.

All the best and good luck with you project.

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