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Nav Menu not appearing

Hi Guys!

When i click on the menu icon button on my scroll header, nothing is appearing???

Even when i am in the designer mode, the outline of the object and the nav links are there but nothing is appearing. I have tried setting a class to each item and changing the colour but nothing works.

I would appreciate any help!



Ps. Read only link below.

Hi Rob,

I have had a look and am not sure exactly what it is that you are saying the problem is. Going into tablet/phone mode the navigation dropdown menu appears when clicked.

Do you mean that when you click on a menu item (such as “Parapets”) nothing happens?


Hi @JKPerth,

Sorry mate, i probably didn’t explain myself very well.

If you view my live home page, and scroll down past the black navbar, my scroll nav bar (white) will then appear. This navbar just has my brand in the middle and then the menu icon to the right. When you click on the menu icon, the drop down list doesn’t appear.

As you say, it works when you chose the mobile/tablet view. But i have chose that when my scroll nav bar appears the menu icon shows for all devices including desktop. However, when in designer mode or viewing live, when i click on the icon the drop down doesn’t show. In designer, when i click on the nav bar menu the blue outline shows but no content.

I hope this explains things better.



Wow this had me stumped for ages.

To fix it do the following:


Go to “Navigation” and select the “Scroll Header”.

2/ Click on “Style” and then change the “Overflow” to “Visible”

Hopefully that helps mate.



@JKPerth, thats bang on mate! Works perfectly now.

I have been trying to figure out what the problem was for ages. Always turns out to be the simplest solution.

Thanks for your help mate, most appreciated!

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