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I am having a problem with nav menu in Mobile view. In desktop, tablet and mob landscape , nav menu is perfectly aligned, but in mobile view, it is not aligned. when I add some spacing , it affects other nav link but not home nav link. Can someone help me in this regard?
here is the read only link of my website
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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I am noticing that nav link is moving slightly forward . for example if I am on sweet page then sweet nav link is moving slightly forward in nav menu. Same with other nav links. but I don’t know why is this happening.

Hi there!

That’s because the current tag has a 30px padding instead of 20!

To fix this, go to the desktop view and select the first link (you’re going to have to be on the home page, since that’s the current one in this case) and THEN go to mobile view to adjust the px to 20. If you select the nav link after going to mobile view it won’t show up, it’s probably some kind of bug.

Thank you , it worked :smiley:

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